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Your well-being at URW

Driving a supportive work environment

It is imperative that our employees’ physical and mental health is given care, consideration and constant upkeep.

The Group’s “Your Well-Being” framework supports a work environment that enables a healthy and sustainable performance, and encourages us all to take accountability for our well-being. It delivers a global approach to well-being and better consistency in our regional programmes, based on sharing best practices amongst countries.

The “Your Well-Being” Framework at URW has been developed to support all elements of wellness for our people in the work environment.

  1. Healthy Culture – our work culture supports our well-being objectives. It includes our working space, our culture of encouraging supportive leadership styles, better collaboration and sustainable Together at URW behaviours.

  2. Healthy Minds – this involves how we ensure we all have a clear sense of purpose and job fulfilment, the way we support each other in challenging and stressful situations, and how we encourage flexible thinking and resilience.

  3. Healthy Bodies – the physical aspects of well-being such as sleep, nutrition, movement and healthcare have been well documented and our framework provides us with strategies and tools to ensure we can take adequate care of ourselves both at work and at home.


In ensuring a Healthy Culture within our offices globally, we have :

  1. Serious conversations on work-life balance are a large part of performance reviews between employees and their managers to ensure a good working balance. Flexi working practices have also been put in place in all regions for employees.

  2. In promoting best practice and policies to support a positive and healthy work environment, the Group signed a corporate parenthood charter in 2013. Trainings for working parents are also conducted year-round in the Netherlands, Spain, France, the UK and US, and our UK office was ranked Top 30 employers for Family Friendly Workplaces and received Best for Fathers award from Working Families association in 2019.

  3. Social and team events take place in all regions throughout the year to help foster wellbeing and togetherness.

In fostering Healthy Minds :

  1. We help our employees plan for their future through the many sessions offered in all regions including training sessions, crisis support and employee assistance programmes to ensure better mental health resilience, mindfulness and flexible thinking.

  2. We strive to promote futuristic planning through the many sessions offered by several regions on personal finances e.g. retirement, and further coaching is planned to ensure employees have a clear sense of purpose and job fulfilment.

In promoting Healthy Bodies :

  1. We encourage our employees to always have good rest, exercise and nutrition. Health workshops and fitness events are offered in a number of regions, and most countries in which the Group operates offer their employees fresh fruit or complimentary drinks.

  2. Healthcare benefits: Health insurance is offered to all employees, with a number of regions also offering flu vaccinations, eye examinations and full health screenings.