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Your career with us

Working at Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield means owning and delivering on ambitious, innovative projects while continuously developing your skills on the job and beyond. At URW, we encourage continuous learning, bold career moves within the Group or taking on new challenges beyond one’s day-to-day scope.

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Choosing the right career trajectory is essential, be it when starting out fresh from school or while changing company, industry or profession. From DAY ONE and at every stage of your career, we strive to ensure that we find the right fit for your profile and ambitions within the company.

The IGP experience

Our International Graduate Program (IGP) is a unique path for recent graduates to discover the diversity of Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield's business globally and its unique approach to commercial real estate. You’ll get to acquire first-hand knowledge of the company's business fundamentals, build a strong network, as well as access a great springboard to a promising career shaping the future of our business.

You’re the EXPERT!

We welcome people with diverse backgrounds, so whether you have a few years of professional experience or you are a seasoned profile , we have diverse job offers that could fit with your expertise and ambitions! We recruit the most passionate and talented professionals to create better places with us.

Apprenticeships / Internships

Your starting point is a pivotal one in your career, and a great way to gain experience and kick-start your career. Get an inside feel of passion in action, and acquire hands-on experience with our numerous Internship and Apprenticeship programs.

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We own, develop and manage premium retail destinations and office assets in the most dynamic cities in Europe and the United States. Our business is driven by our passionate, dynamic teams working across multiple divisions in 12 countries. We offer job positions locally within our country headquarters and in our many shopping centre locations globally.

Maximising value creation

What we do

At the core of our business, we as the operating team are responsible for the financial performance and value creation of the existing assets of our portfolio.

In a nutshell, we:

  • Lead and coordinate, as project owners, the efforts of all departments to achieve targeted results

  • Develop short & long-term value for existing assets (5-year plan)

  • Coordinate all activities to implement 5-year plans, including market positioning, extension and project works, leasing action plans and roll out of new destination concepts

  • Create "Better Places" thanks to strategic partnerships with the Group's retailers and shopping centre service providers

Structuring deals for the best portfolio

What we do

As the Investment team, we work on strategic investment deals and help to ensure that the Group's operations are profitable.

In a nutshell, we:

  • Identify new investment opportunities and modelling potential returns

  • Structuring transactions including tax and legal optimisation, negotiating and closing contractual agreement and leading due diligence processes.

  • Manage financial and sustainable performance by validating investment projects such as developments, extensions and refurbishments of existing assets

  • Monitor the performance of the Group's assets and challenging short and long-term value creation strategy

Designing and developing our future assets

What we do

The Development & Concept teams liaise with specialists to drive every phase of asset development operations, from set-up to laying the first stone and finally, delivery.

In a nutshell, we:

  • Source for new projects, enter competitions and respond to calls for tender

  • Create and deliver architecture, interior and product vision thanks to internal and external architects

  • Create and deliver architecture, interior and product vision thanks to internal and external architects

  • Make investment decisions and perform financial modelling with a long-term vision

  • Oversee legal and administrative requirements such as building permit applications, property negotiations and drafting of contracts

Piloting the asset's commercialisation

What we do

As leasing teams, we steer every phase of an asset’s commercialisation.

In a nutshell, we:

  • Create the right merchandising mix for the asset

  • Identify and negotiate with premium tenants

  • Maintain a strong and balanced relationship with the leading brands that are part of our portfolio

  • Implement the Group’s green lease policy to install LED lighting solutions using energy supplied by renewable sources

Driving operational success in the retail environment

What we do

As the Shopping Centre Management teams, we manage and take a proactive approach to ensuring the operational success of the asset we oversee.

In a nutshell, we:

  • Act as the Group’s ambassador to help develop and manage relationships with local communities, co-owners & tenants, and service providers

  • Identify and prospect urban development opportunities and new local retail concepts

  • Contribute to the market positioning of the asset and implementing the Operational Marketing Action Plan

  • Manage day-to-day operations to ensure optimal performance and full compliance with health, safety, labour and environmental regulations

  • Strengthen partnerships with non-profit organisations working on social or environmental issues

Building and maintaining sustainable assets

What we do

As Property, Maintenance & Works teams, we are in charge of construction, extension, renovation and sustainable maintenance of the Group’s assets.

In a nutshell, we:

  • Ensure that programs respect the Group's high quality standards and are delivered on time and to budget

  • Oversee the work of lead contractors and take responsibility for project management

  • Control technical operations and maintenance of assets

  • Implement the Group’s health, safety and environmental risk management policies

  • Roll out the Group's LED and green electricity strategy

Providing exceptional experiences to customers

What we do

As the Marketing and Communications teams, we ensure that the Group's assets are lively, attractive places to work in and visit. We strive to create value for the Group's B2B and B2C customers and a positive environment for visitors.

In a nutshell, we:

  • Develop marketing intelligence on lifestyle trends and consumer patterns

  • Define strategic market positioning for each asset that takes into account customer expectations

  • Create and communicate an exceptional brand storyline leveraging a multi-media approach from digital advertising to physical events with customers

  • Facilitate communication and interaction between shopping centre management and retailers

Ensuring retailers reach and engage their target audiences

What we do

We ensure brands get the visibility they require through multiple advertising platforms for short-term tactical opportunities or long-term strategy.

In a nutshell, we:

  • Offer innovative and memorable brand experiences to help retailers engage with their customers in all our shopping centres.

  • Provide a comprehensive platform for brands to complement and amplify their integrated advertising campaigns while offering temporary kiosks, pop-up stores & seasonal markets, and providing new, ground-breaking channels for retailers to engage with their customers.

  • Enable brands occupy entire visual landscapes in style. Through our unique value propositions, retailers can elevate their offer with one-of-a kind experiences and packages.

Attracting, developing and managing the best talent

What we do

We recruit and develop a dynamic group of high performers who are culturally agile and enthusiastic about promoting the Group's values and the way we do business.

In a nutshell, we:

  • Recruit the most talented people from different backgrounds, who demonstrate drive and creativity

  • Ensure continuous development through career development and training

  • Establish a culture of recognition that rewards and motivates employees

  • Promote a transformative culture through innovative and collaborative experiences

  • Foster employee engagement through the collation of employee feedback for continuous growth and improvement

Securing the Group’s financing

What we do

As the Finance department, we play a key role within the company by partnering with each of the company’s business to understand and manage our risks, measure our profitability, and create solutions through quantitative analysis, projecting and forecasting.

In a nutshell, we:

  • Secure the Group’s financing while ensuring harmonised and aligned accounting, controlling, tax and treasury management practices

  • Define and optimise the financial structure and taxation with Group-wide adoption of IFRS standards

  • Control financial inputs and outputs with comprehension of business impact on the financial health of the organisation

  • Consolidate, present and foster the financial performance of all entities and countries with efficient controlling, portfolio and stakeholder relationship management

  • Ensure Group-wide financial management aligned among regions

Protecting the Group’s interests

What we do

As the legal teams, we are a key business partner to all departments within the Group. We advise and support internal clients on all legal actions linked to Group activities and litigation to best protect the company’s business interests and reputation.

In a nutshell, we:

  • Act as the Group’s legal partner in value creation, drafting leases, acquisitions and co-ownership contracts

  • Advise and support internal clients on all the Group activities, and manage litigation

  • Advise on brand protection and all data-related topics.

Evaluating the URW internal control system

What we do

As the Group’s Internal Audit team, we are responsible for periodically evaluating the URW internal control system which aims at providing reasonable assurance that operations are executed effectively and efficiently. We also ensure that assets are safeguarded, financial information is accurate & reliable and all operations comply with legal and in-house rules.

In a nutshell, we:

  • Evaluate how departments manage and mitigate risks

  • Provide recommendations/advises for improving the internal control system

Accelerating digital transformation

What we do

The IT teams coordinate the digital evolution of the Group: infrastructure, software and hardware.

In a nutshell, we:

  • Help accelerate the Group’s digital transformation

  • Improve the Group’s internal processes and its ability to offer new retail experiences to its customers

  • Provide the best internal digital collaborative tools for efficient collaboration


Here at Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, your curiosity, ambition and drive matter a lot to us. We believe that a strong career development approach fosters long-term engagement and ensures performance by developing agility, individual expertise and collective know-how.

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At URW we support diverse, cross-functional and international careers. We also encourage our employees continuous learning, career progression, making bold career changes within the Group or taking on new challenges beyond one’s day-to-day scope!

At URW, internal and international mobility is determined by achievements, drive and commitment to excellence. We provide opportunities to get involved in Group projects and initiatives outside of one’s business scope, as well as opportunities for increased responsibilities or cross-functional experiences through mobility.

Each employee is encouraged to shape their career path by rotating within the various roles the company offers. Internal mobility is definitely highly encouraged and enabled!

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Card Supporting Dynamic career


Our learning journey at Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield is designed to achieve sustainable personal and professional development which is then adapted to our business needs. In this respect, we recruit employees who are ready to embark on a long term journey, with learning at their core.

Created in 1995, the URW Academy is an integral part of our DNA and shows the Group's long-standing commitment to continuous learning and talent development. Learning at URW is fully positioned as business-critical, with the URW Academy playing an ever growing role in the development of all our employees Groupwide.

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